We understand that it’s one thing to create a Trust as part of an estate plan, and quite another to understand the duties that follow your appointment as Trustee.  Our trust administration practice stands ready to guide Trustees through all of the duties and decisions that relate to effective Trust administration.

We advise Trustees about the proper administration of a Trust, their responsibilities as a Trustee, and the tax implications of the Trust.  We also advise designated successor Trustees about their responsibilities after the death or disability of the original Trustee.

We also help clients to ensure that assets are properly transferred into Trust with correct title documentation.  In so doing we interface with our clients’ accountants, insurance agents, and financial advisers.

We also advise trust beneficiaries concerned about a trustee’s honesty or ability to make sound decisions in the beneficiaries’ interests.  When necessary we can seek the removal of a trustee, or move for the termination of a Trust and distribution of assets to beneficiaries, depending on the circumstances.