Our attorneys work with families needing advice and assistance with estate settlement and estate and trust administration following a loved one’s death.  We deal with the demands and details of estate administration so your family does not have to shoulder that burden during your time of grief.

As experienced probate attorneys, we can open the estate, present and validate the Will, prepare an inventory of assets, handle creditor claims, file reports and tax returns, and discharge all of the other responsibilities for a Personal Representative.  We also handle ancillary probates where an out-of-state decedent owns Utah real property.

We are thorough and proactive.  We anticipate and resolve problems involving estate tax, income tax, asset valuation, bank accounts, retirement plans, life insurance policies, living trusts, survivorship rights, and other assets transferred outside of trust or probate.

We also helps Trustees and Personal Representatives prepare disclosures and accountings that both protect them and minimize conflicts and misunderstandings with heirs and beneficiaries.

Our objective is to complete the probate of the estate as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so that beneficiaries and heirs can receive their inheritance as soon as possible, free of tax claims.  We offer experience, prompt service, careful attention to detail, tenacity, and competitive rates.

We provide a full range of probate, and estate and trust administration services at competitive rates, including:

  • advising personal representative and trustees
  • preparation of deeds to transfer decedent’s home/real estate
  • assistance in transferring title to decedent’s other property
  • dealing with creditor claims
  • determination of heirs
  • distribution of assets
  • estate administration
  • estate inventory and accounting
  • family settlement agreements
  • non-probate transfers
  • preparing accountings for assets and income
  • probate
  • probate vs. non-probate transfers
  • successor trustees
  • trust accounting
  • trust administration

If you need legal advice about Utah probate, or administration of an estate or trust, or if you have been named as a Personal Representative or Trustee