Dead Horse utahWe help clients choose the entity suitable for their business or investment, design and structure the entity, and prepare its governing documents.

We provide a full range of services through every phase of business development, from start-up issues to exit strategies.  We represent companies from their infancy to their becoming established leaders in many diverse fields, including medicine, distribution, trucking, real estate, internet retailing, biotechnology, financial services, food service, agriculture, and manufacturing.

As our clients mature, we provide legal resources throughout each phase of growth.

Brent Armstrong ranks among Utah’s leading experts on LLCs.  He was a principal draftsman of Utah’s 2001 revision of its LLC statute.  He has been retained as an expert witness to testify about LLC law and company governance.

Our services for LLCs, Corporations, LPs and other business and investment clients include:

  • articles of organization
  • books and records
  • boomerang buy-out
  • buying-out a member
  • capital accounts
  • certificate of organization
  • changes of ownership
  • choice of entity
  • comparison to S corporation
  • contributions of cash vs. services
  • conversions
  • deadlocks
  • dissociation
  • dissolution
  • distributions
  • dutch auction
  • equity compensation for key people
  • expelling a member
  • formation
  • judicial dissolution
  • LLCs for active business
  • LLCs for family cabins
  • LLCs for family investment companies
  • LLCs for real estate
  • LLCs for isolating risky assets
  • LLCs vs. S corporations
  • limits on authority to manage
  • management choices
  • mergers
  • multi-member LLCs
  • non-waivable provisions
  • operating agreements
  • pre-formation agreements
  • removing a manager
  • single-member LLCs
  • structuring multi-member LLCs
  • transferable interests
  • valuation of LLC interests
  • voting
  • winding up
  • withdrawal