Note: All articles on Utah’s New LLC Act are in the process of being updated to conform to the changes made before it was enacted in 2014. Please check back to see the revised articles.


After reviewing Utah’s impending New ‘uniform’ LLC Act, attorneys at Armstrong Law Offices, P.C. prepared this information to help our clients and professional colleagues better understand what the New LLC Act provides.  Armstrong Law Offices, P.C. reserves the right to revise, expand, or delete this information at any time.

Disclaimer:  Neither Armstrong Law Offices, P.C. nor any of its attorneys was involved in the drafting or adoption of Utah’s New ‘Uniform’ LLC Act.

Key Terms

When browsing this information, please note that references to the Utah Code are made simply to section numbers, and there are several key terms and definitions to keep in mind:

New LLC Act–means Utah’s impending new ‘uniform’ LLC Act that was adopted by the Utah legislature in its 2011 general session.

Division–means the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, a division of the Utah Department of Commerce.

Existing LLC Act–means Utah’s LLC statute [§48-2c-101 et seq.] as it exists before any changes made by SB 131.

SB 131–means the 2011 Utah legislative bill that includes the New LLC Act and Utah’s new version of ULPA (2001) and RUPA.

RULLCA–means the 2006 version of the Uniform LLC Act as promulgated and promoted by NCCUSL.

For these and other acronyms and terms, see “Acronyms and New Terms”.

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