Items For New Clients to Assemble Before Initial Meeting on Estate Planning

Prepare list of family members (names, dates of birth, current addresses)

  1. Prepare list of your major assets–giving simple description, approximate current value, current ownership and location
  2. For each major asset, collect copy of title documents that show current ownership and value–such as deed, most recent account statement or signature card, beneficiary designation, property tax assessment, or other title or valuation document
  3. Collect copy of current will, trust or other document that disposes of your property at death
  4. Policy declaration page and beneficiary designation for each life insurance policy
  5. Prepared list of goals and objectives for your estate planning–what do you want to accomplish?
  6. Your most recent federal income tax return
  7. Names of possible choices of persons to serve as:
    • agent under healthcare directives
    • agent under financial power of attorney
    • guardians for you (on incapacity)
    • guardians for minor children
    • personal representative of your estates
    • trustees of your trust

To assist you in preparing these items, you are encouraged to complete this helpful questionnaire.