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Delicate Arch utahBusiness partnerships are like marriages − fun to get into, painful and expensive to get out of.  Managed carefully, however, the pain of the dissolution of a business venture or partnership can be greatly reduced, and sometimes free the partners to pursue great opportunities elsewhere.

At Armstrong Law Offices we help clients manage business break-ups.  We have decades of experience in handling these matters.  We know the law, and we know the strategies.

When appropriate we move aggressively to protect your interests from the improper designs of your former partners.  On the other hand, we take care to safeguard confidential information and protect ongoing business relationships that are crucial to our clients’ success.

If your business partner has breached your agreement or accused you of doing the same, we stand ready to be your advocate and advisor.  We will take time to understand your business, its assets, and what each party wants out of the dissolution. We will negotiate on your behalf and pursue litigation where necessary.

Business separation or dissolution, and related matters, could include:

  • articles of dissolution
  • boomerang buyout
  • business break-ups
  • business divorces
  • business re-structuring
  • cessation of business operations
  • deadlocks
  • expelling a director
  • expelling a manager
  • expelling a member
  • expelling a partner
  • expelling a shareholder
  • involuntary dissolution
  • judicial dissolution
  • liquidation of business
  • liquidation of professional practice
  • receiver for liquidation
  • spin-offs
  • split-ups
  • valuation disputes
  • vertical split-up
  • voluntary dissolution
  • winding-up procedure