Real Estate

Eagle Gate utahAt Armstrong Law Office we love to get our hands in the dirt!  Our attorneys know and love real estate.  We represent landowners, investors, farmers/ranchers, landlords, tenants, developers, and homeowners in all kinds of real estate matters.

Our attorneys know Utah real estate – both transactions, and applicable laws and regulations.  We help real estate investors, owners, and other parties maximize and protect the value of real estate assets.

We represent clients in matters covering the full range of real estate law including:

  • acquisition due diligence
  • boundary disputes
  • boundary line agreements
  • deeds
  • condemnation
  • construction
  • development
  • earnest money agreements
  • easements
  • exchanges
  • foreclosures–non-judicial
  • foreclosures–judicial
  • incorrect legal descriptions
  • commercial and residential leases
  • mortgages
  • oil and gas leases
  • option agreements
  • property tax appeals
  • purchase/sale contracts
  • property management agreements
  • rights-of-way
  • seller-finance arrangements
  • subsidence
  • survey types and uses
  • term sheets
  • title report review
  • title insurance review
  • trust deeds
  • trust deed notes
  • water rights
  • zoning & land use

When it comes to real estate matters, we know the ingredients for success are attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of Utah real estate law.