Advantages of Utah LLCs

  • LLCs are taxed in Utah the same as for Federal tax purposes–usually as a pass-through entity or, for 1-member LLCs, as a “disregarded entity.”
  • LLCs need not have a profit motive–can be non-profit or just personal or anything “legal.”
  • No restrictions on the number or type of members.
  • Can be formed quickly–usually in less than 4 hours! Of course, many post-formation details will still need to be finished.
  • LLCs may choose to be either member-managed or manager-managed.
  • Allows for 1-member LLCs.
  • Allows anonymity for the members (owners) in all LLCs that are manager-managed.  In those LLCs, only the identity of the manager is subject to ordinary disclosure.