Questions For New Clients to Ask on First Visit With Lawyer

  1. What is your experience in this type of work?
  2. Have you handled matters like this?
  3. What are the possible outcomes?
  4. What are my alternatives under the circumstances?
  5. How long do you expect this matter to take?
  6. Do you recommend mediation or arbitration?
  7. What kind of approach will you take to resolve the matter: (a) aggressive and unyielding; or (b) passive and waiting; or (c) will you be more inclined to reach an early but reasonable settlement?
  8. How will you charge for this matter?
  9. Besides legal fees, what other expenses are involved?
  10. What is a ball park estimate of the total bill?
  11. Will you put your fee estimate in writing?
  12. How often will I be billed?
  13. How will you keep me informed?
  14. Who else in your firm will be working on this matter?
  15. What can we help you do to keep the fees down and complete this matter as early as possible?