How to Work With Us As Your Lawyer

  • Lawyer’s duties
  • Client’s duties
  • Regular communication

Lawyer’s duties.  When you hire us as your lawyer, we have certain duties to you, in addition to any special duties or assignments spelled out in the Attorney-Client Fee Contract. Our duties include competence, following your decisions, diligence, communication, confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest and safeguarding any of your property that comes into our possession–see The Ethical Duties of Lawyers.

Client’s duties.  As a client, you also have certain duties, including being truthful with us, keeping us informed, and paying our fees on time–see A Client’s Responsibilities.

Regular communication.  While you are our client, we will maintain regular communications with you.  This means that any time we prepare a letter to someone else on your behalf or prepare a document for you, we will furnish you a copy.  Similarly, any time we receive any letters, communications or documents from other persons pertaining to our work for you, we will forward a copy of those items on to you.  You will need to keep a working file in which you can place all items we send you.