How to Hire Us

  • Contact us and set appointment
  • Prepare for appointment
  • Meet with us
  • Engage us
  • Sign retainer agreement

There are a few simple steps to follow in hiring us as your lawyer:

Call and set appointment.  First, contact us and either hire us on the telephone or set up an appointment to meet with us.  The meeting can be either at our office or at your office or home.  The place, date and time need to be clearly identified for you and for us.

Prepare for appointment.  Second, you should prepare for each appointment with us, including the first appointment.  You will keep the fees lower and make best use of our skills if you prepare before you meet with us.  The better you are prepared, the quicker we can get work done for you or resolve problems you face.

In preparing to meet with us, you need to gather all essential information and documents and clarify in your own mind exactly what you want to accomplish.  It is most helpful to us if you write down what you would like to achieve and send that to us along with any other information you have gathered, prior to the first meeting. Then, the first meeting will be more productive–See How to Prepare for First Appointment.

Meet with us.  Third, you should attend the initial meeting with us. At the initial meeting, we will get acquainted with you, we will review the information or documents you furnish to us and we will ask you to explain what you want to accomplish or what issue or problem you are facing.

The initial meeting with us is FREE for the first one hour. Thereafter, fees will be charged.  There are several basic questions you should ask at the initial meeting–See Questions For New Clients to Ask on First Visit with Lawyer.

At the initial meeting, you will provide us with all relevant facts and documents.  With that information, we will explain how we will charge for the work and give you a written estimate of the fees to be charged.

Depending on the type of services you need from us, our fee arrangement could possibly be a fixed fee, or a fee based on time we expend (hourly fees), or a fixed fee for certain work plus an hourly fee for additional work, or, in some cases, a percentage fee based on amounts recovered for you.

At the initial meeting, we will also explain when our fees must be paid, i.e., monthly or on completion of the work and any required up-front deposit.

Engage us.  Fourth, you will make a decision–either to hire us or to not hire us.  Of course, you could delay that decision if you wanted.

Sign retainer agreement.  Fifth, you and we will sign a retainer agreement. We will call that agreement an “Attorney-Client Fee Contract”.  It spells out the scope of the work, our duties as lawyers, your duties as a client, fee arrangements, billing practices, and other related issues.  Once the retainer agreement is signed and the required deposit paid, we will commence work on your behalf–consistent with the engagement.